When I Made a Software to Fight Copyright Infringment While Creating a Complete Multi-Site Scraping System.


I created the first and second versions of the copyright infringment protection software for BrandTKO. It is a software that is primarily designed to detect copyright infringement and take legal action against it, all via the platform this app provides.

How it Works

I developed this system using PHP / MySQL and also created its built-in web scraper using the same PHP language.

This is a very brief rundown of the primary steps in the functionality of the software in the form of steps:
  1. The business signs up and verifies themselves and their products.
  2. They select "Marketplace Removal" from a list of [infringment] removals available to them.
  3. They either choose to act against a specific organization/product, or have the system search Google, and optional other sites for infringements, where they can choose a specific result to be a positive infringer.
  4. They then choose a severity type of the C&D letter.
  5. A C&D letter is generated for them based on the previously provided parameters that is evaluated to be the best suited one for the target infringer.
  6. They click a button to copy its contents, and they email it to the infringer.
  7. Repeat... 🔁

Once again, this is a very brief rundown of its functionality, to highlight the primary features and flow of the system.

Some Screenshots

Note: This list of screenshots is non-exchaustive.