Creating a Website Evaluation Chatbot for Landocs PE, a Website Acquisition Organization.


I developed the official website evaluation chatbot for Landocs Private Equity, that can be seen on their website

It is a chatbot that analyzes the worth of a website with 95%+ accuracy and moves the user through its flow according to it. If the parameters match a certain flow, it also offers them to the broker partners of Landocs, such as, Empire Flippers.

The conversation data, evaluation, and more is shown to the business Stakeholders and their relevant teams on a personalized dashboard for them.

To protect my client's data, I cannot show you the screenshots of the backend service, however, you may visualize the screenshots of the chatbot itself.

How it Works

I developed this app using PHP / MySQL.

I am providing below a description of the functionality that includes the functionality of the chatbot from the user's perspective.

  1. The chatbot asks some profile info from the user, such as, full name, email, site domain, etc.
  2. The bot proceeds to ask info regarding the website itself, such as monthly visits, unique visitors, category of the site, main locations of visits, etc.
  3. User answers all the questions.
  4. Depending on the answers, the chatbot calculate's the website's worth in USD, and depending on the set criteria and the worth of the website, it does any of these 3 things.
    • It tells them its worth and sends them a Calendly link to talk to Oren Vardy, the acquisitions manager at Landocs PE.
    • Refers them to one Landocs PE's broker partners.
    • Tells them that their site is not worth enough for either Landocs PE or their broker partners to acquire it, and tells them to come sometime else.
  5. Repeat 🔁

Some Screenshots

Note: This list of screenshots is non-exchaustive.