An Interactive Story-Telling App that Works on Voice Commmands.


I developed a story-telling app for Windows/MacOS/Linux using Electron called SoundSendz for a US-based client. This would be a chatbot in which you can select the type of story you want to listen to and it will pick and play to you it accordingly. In the "Interactive Story" type, the user could answer questions during the story that would shape it further by voice commands or by clicking buttons for selection. They could choose to play another story at will, and more.

The software has a minimalistic theme and in its developmental stage, was intended to tell stories to children in a fun, interactive way.

How it Works

I developed this app using Electron / Node.js, and the speech recognition server in Python.

I am providing below a description of the functionality that includes the functionality of the chatbot from the user's perspective.

  1. The user picks "interactive story".
  2. The bot proceeds to tell the story, while pausing at points in between to get user input and define the course of the story.
  3. When the user provides input, either via voice command or by clicking the selection buttons, the chatbot fetches the relevant part of the story from an A.P.I. purpose-built and optimized by me for this system, and continues with the rest within a second.
  4. The user can choose to listen another story, and can also choose to listen a different type of story (E.g., bedtime story).
  5. Repeat 🔁